First Minister Nicola Sturgeon MP speaking at a public referendum debate in 2014

Efficient, discrete, professional.

We’ll put together a small crew for your event, allowing us to get in and out with the minimum of fuss and disruption to the main event. We shoot with multiple operators and cameras so we don’t miss a beat. Whether it’s a concert, political debate, or a children’s pantomime, we’ll get the angles and close-ups that will make your event video interesting and memorable.

Delivering Your Strategy

Capturing an event is only half the story. An effective event video needs to be edited and designed for your target audience. We’ll discuss your strategy and your target audience with you, to make a video that is more than a recorded event, to make something that will engage your audience and fulfil your marketing strategy, whether it’s a viral video for the internet, PR, or the ongoing development of the relationship between you and your audience.

Timelapse photography

Sometimes capturing the full extent of the process is the best way to tell your story, on it’s own or as part of a marketing campaign. Here below we have an example of a timelapse-centric video capturing the work to prepare a popular venue on the southside of Glasgow for a weekend festival –

Proud supporter of the Southside Fringe Festival in Glasgow since 2013, filming everything from outdoor music gigs to burlesque in demure club settings, co-ordinating volunteers and engaging with the press and media.